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Understanding Traxalt traceability


It is often thought that crypto-currencies use an anonymous payment network. However, the reality is that Traxalt has the most transparent payment network in the world. This network can provide an optimal level of privacy if used correctly taking into account all the security rules for a digital wallet.

Traxalt works with an unprecedented level of transparency that most people are not used to. All transactions are public, traceable and permanently stored in the Traxalt network. A wallet address is assigned to each user, and is the only information used to define where they are and where the funds have been sent.

Transparency is undoubtedly the best regulator. It optimizes the prices and quality of goods and services, and requires companies to report their activities under the watchful eye of the public.

Traxalt is based on Stellar‘s blockchain technology, which has a decentralized, permanent and incorruptible public accounting book. Each transaction record (or block in blockchain technology) is secured by cryptography with an exact time stamp of the transfer. The blocks are permanent and cannot be altered without the consensus of the entire network and without altering subsequent blocks, making it completely transparent.

Stellar’s blockchain technology is considered part of the third generation of blockchains, which means that in addition to being decentralized it also allows for almost infinite scalability, allows for instant transactions, small fees and uses only one million of Bitcoin’s energy.

The result of all this is that, with the Traxalt network, the data are more secure, more transparent and have traceability. This technology is attracting the attention of various sectors and every day is changing the way that all data is stored and distributed. 

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