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CryptoGames – Your ticket to unlimited pleasure, excitement and riches!

The world is volatile. Change is inevitable and every sector of life has been altered heavily in the last 50 years through technological advancements.  The entertainment sector has been affected by these technological advancements too, with the invention of online casinos.

These online casinos are a blessing for the gambling community as these allow a gambler to partake in his favorite activity without being physically present at a fixed location. Online casinos have been popping up all over the internet to accommodate the ever increasing number of users. However the huge market has also attracted the unwanted attention of hundreds of fraudulent parties.

These entities try to pass off as gambling casinos and gather unfortunate gamblers as their victims. These casinos take valuable cryptocurrency from their users while making no returns on the services they promised. Users suffer from poor security, stiff deposit and withdrawal options and horrendous games which depress the gamblers more than giving them joy. These casinos neither are provably fair in their results nor are they unbiased.

Their lack of concern and poor coordination contributes to the development of a helpless community of users who are extremely dissatisfied with their service.

These casinos are a complete disgrace to the gambling community and it is up to the gambler to choose an online casino which can suit his expectations and completely return on the promises its make.

CryptoGames is one such elite gambling site which has all the tools needed to satiate the expectations of its users and has all the attributes expected from the world’s greatest online casinos. It has an impressive resume of impenetrable security, fantastic odds, fun-packed games and a super friendly community of users.

CryptoGames started its journey as a paltry slot machine that soon generated huge support from gamblers all over the world. It slowly grew in size and with the constant encouragement of its peers it soon evolved into something much greater. It continued to grow bigger and bigger until it became the largest crypto casino ever!  With over 4 Billion registered bets and run by an excellent group of individuals, CryptoGames is now recognized as a leading entity in the online casino industry and is a favorite among many veteran gamblers.

Why is CryptoGames the industry standard?

CryptoGames has all the tools that are expected from the world’s most elite casinos. It is run by an extremely devoted team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields and who are committed to making CryptoGames the best online casino in the world.

The moderators of the site are always concerned with any issues that might rise in the community and always communicate effectively and efficiently with users about any problems they face. The security measures adapted by CryptoGames ensure absolute security of user funds from all sorts of hackers and attackers on the internet.

The deposit and withdrawal options are state-of the-art and make financial transactions extremely easy and convenient for the users. The games that CryptoGames provide are old school games that are widely loved among gamblers of all sorts and are equipped with numerous tutorials that can help users understand and get used to the game at outstanding pace.

The atmosphere at CryptoGames is always full of joy and entertainment as CryptoGames celebrates a plethora of promotional events throughout the year that gives users opportunities to earn loads of free Cryptocurrency. There is also an air of healthy competition as users can participate in the wagering contests which have enormous prizes for the winners.

Finally, CryptoGames is family to a community of the friendliest users who are always on the lookout for any new friends they can make or any new bonds they can form, all while gambling.

Here’s a brief summary of the impressive CryptoGames user-interface

CryptoGames has a state-of-the-art platform that is equipped to completely tackle any problems that rise on the site. The platform is extremely user friendly and can be navigated easily.

A new account is created for someone as soon as they visit the site for the first time, making the tedious task of manually creating an account unnecessary. The account can then be personalised by the user, for instance addition of the preferred payment options and bets can be placed immediately upon depositing of funds. 

The excellent responsive design and mobile support provided by the site enables users to access site privileges from the comfort of one’s cellular device.

CryptoGames’s platform is also unbiased and impartial, so users don’t have to worry about unfair results and manipulated draws. Winners immediately get hold of their winnings as CryptoGames never delays rewards.

The application of hashes and seeds, which verify bets, are used to achieve this.  Randompicker, a third party website that utilises anti cheating measures, is used to generate absolutely unbiased and random results and to put a complete stop to any unfair practices.

Transaction of coins are smooth and convenient

CryptoGames has taken multiple measures to ensure the smooth and flawless transfer of Cryptocurrency for its users. It accepts deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency of 10 types – a multitude of options for the user base. Users have the option of making transactions with any of the following cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.

Users can switch between supported cryptocurrency types anytime they desire due to the extremely handy built in exchange system. CryptoGames also has integrated CoinSwitch on its platform giving users the opportunity of converting reputed coins they own to the coins supported by the casino ensuring more flexible transactions.

Your funds are safe here

CryptoGames has adapted multiple security protocols and taken super effective steps to ensure the safety of its user funds. Nowadays the internet is filled with atrocious hackers, who are always on the hunt for any signs of feeble security that they can exploit to seize valuable user funds.

CryptoGames understands this and thus the steps it has taken ensure complete safety and security of user funds from these horrible attackers. The site makes use of two-factor authentication and SSL encryption which ensures user cryptocurrency is safe even if their passwords are compromised.

Email verification is obligatory for withdrawal of funds, adding another essential layer of security. The funds themselves are stored in cold wallets, which mean they are safe even if the casino is under direct attack from desperate hackers. These features ensure impenetrable for the user unless they cooperate completely with the attackers themselves.

Love Promotions and Free Gifts? Well you have come to the right place!

CryptoGames loves festivities which is why it celebrates promotions and special events all through the entire year! These events are a complete blessing for the gamblers at CryptoGames, granting them sufficient opportunities to earn loads of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other remunerative prizes!

The previous year saw CryptoGames host special events for its gamblers, where everyone was handed loads of free coins through their emails and chatbox. Moreover, every Monday there is a No Bet Speed Limit which blesses gamblers with even more mouth-watering chances to earn coins and other lucrative rewards as a larger number of bets per second can be placed during the day.

CryptoGames also have a Faucet and a special feature called “Rain”! The Faucets are incentive which can be claimed by the user. The free coins given here can be used to test strategies. Higher faucet level gamblers can claim a higher amount of coins than those gamblers with lower levels. Specific tasks have to be completed to get to higher levels of Faucet.

Rain is a special feature of chat box where active chatters get free coins at random intervals. Spammers do not get anything, so only the friendly and cooperative gamblers are rewarded for their helpfulness and generosity! The games of Dice and Roulette also have giant jackpots! A gambler can claim the entire pot with strategically placed bet. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin currently stands at a whopping 3.8 BTC, waiting to be claimed by a very lucky gambler!

You will relish the competitive atmosphere that CryptoGames encourages!

CryptoGames hosts extremely lucrative wagering contests per month! This is where newcomers try their luck and veteran’s put their experience to the ultimate test! All of these to claim the ultimate prize at the top of the leaderboard! Winners of these contests are hailed as champions on the regular blog posts.

Besides earning loads of lucrative rewards the winners are also awarded with VIP tags, giving them exclusive access to site wide privileges that many gamblers yearn for! The tags will last till the start of the next tournament, allowing the victors enough time to partake on their winnings!

Be a part of a divine gambling experience

The internet is filled with fraudulent companies who make fake promises of entertainment and security. As a gambler it is up to you to avoid these nightmarish parties and to join a gambling site that can satisfy all your expectations. CryptoGames is a site that can satiate the desires of any ardent gambler and provide much, much more.

It is famous for its fantastic games, invulnerable security and flexible financial options. It will entertain any depressed gambler with its mouth-watering promotional events and competitive wagering contests. It makes short work of all its competitors and makes a firm stand against all the fraudulent casinos in the world. It fits the criteria of the ideal online casino. Therefore do not delay, join CryptoGames today and partake in a gambling experience that most people only dream about!

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